Passion to Transform

Product Concept

AKIVA Box.png

AKIVA’s plant-based, timed-release technology makes it different from other repellents. It’s the perfect combination of nature and science. Traditional repellents are absorbed into the skin, AKIVA stays on your skin where it guards against mosquitoes and other bugs. AKIVA’s patented technology slowly releases its DEET-free repellent for up to 16+ hours of powerful protection. Fewer applications mean extra hours of work and play – and more money in your pocket.


Every LivFul micro-manufacturing facility has a production capacity of 3.5 million units per year, and creates 250 jobs. Each $1 invested creates $3 of economic impact in the local community. 

A lack of work, poor infrastructure and mosquito and bacteria-borne disease help perpetuate the cycle of poverty. LivFul's local manufacturing pods can transform communities by creating jobs and empowering people to improve their environment. 

The following steps illustrate how the manufacturing PODs can change the way people live and prosper.  

step 1

AKIVA Pods and initial production material are shipped to a local community.

step 2

AKIVA wipes are produced by the local community.

step 3

AKIVA wipes are distributed throughout the region by the local community. 

step 4

Mosquito and bacteria-borne diseases are prevented. More than 250 community jobs are created. 

As mosquito and bacteria-borne diseases are prevented, the people can afford better education and earnings increase. Growth, health and economic freedom mean hope for a better future.