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To save lives and transform communities, LivFul created STAYTEC™, a controlled-release technology that keeps repellent products in place to fend off biting bugs longer than any other repellent. It’s the perfect combination of nature and science.

Traditional repellents are absorbed into the skin after only a few short hours. STAYTEC™ reduces evaporation by the sun and absorption into the skin for longer-lasting protection.

LivFul’s active ingredient in our insect repellent is IR3535®, a repellent based on Beta Alanine, an amino acid. STAYTEC™ enhances our nature-based repellent to create a no-fly zone for 14 hours. That means fewer applications and extra hours of work and play.

Not approved for sale in the United States

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Our enhanced IR3535® nature-based repellent formulation with STAYTEC™ is available for sale. Our formula. Your brand. Contact us to learn more. 

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livful technology

We create customized formulations with our patented technology and unique industry know-how to serve your customers and market at your specifications. Contact us to learn more.


akiva repellent

LivFul's brand-name repellent showcases our technology’s capabilities. It’s available in wipe and lotion forms. Contact us to learn more.