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Mosquitoes and other biting insects provide more than a painful sting - they can deliver some of the world's most deadly debilitating diseases. At LivFul, we envision a world where people are protected from biting insects so they can live life to the fullest potential.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective repellents in the world. 


Global Impact


Each year more than 600 million people suffer from insect borne diseases such as malaria, Dengue fever, yellow fever, Chikungunya, Lyme disease and Zika virus. These diseases take a heavy toll on humanity.  People suffer, lives are lost, and work comes to a stop, often leading to a cycle of poverty.

Insecticidal nets, home sprays and traditional repellents can help fight off the biting insects that cause diseases, but these measures can be impractical all day and night or can expose the family to chemicals that are inhaled or absorbed into the skin.

At LivFul, we asked, "What if there is a new, easy-to-use, family friendly and more effective way to prevent bug bites?

Now, there's a better way. 

The LivFul Solution

LivFul creates technology that powers products to repel biting insects. Our patented plant-based controlled-release technology works with repellent products to make them skin friendly and more effective for long periods of time. It's real protection for people - wherever they are - day or night, indoors or outdoors.  

We can save more than the company picnic. We can save your life.